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Mineral stones collection

   Hello everyone!

We would like to introduce you our mineral stones collection which is made in the house. We would like to everyone know, that all the mineral stone jewellery can be customized according to one´s requests. You can choose from variety of stones, lengths, styles, sizes, or just simply let us know what design you like and we will try our best to satisfy your taste.

Also, the material and styles of the fittings are optional. Every fittings and clasps are originally made in sterling silver 925 however we can change them into 18 karat gold as well. If you are on a budget, and do not want to buy gold, different colors of plating including gold, rose gold and rhodium plating are possible.


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Manufacturing Process

Dear Esteemed Customer,

We would like to give you an inside look of what is being made right now for you, as you can notice all is hand made. Although we have been doing this business for over a 100 years, for us it doesn’t feel like “work” but a way of life

It is always such a thrill when we are creating something new we get really excited when we see the end result. Keep following this page and subscribe to our newsletter because very soon we will be announcing our new line of products; we are pretty sure it is going to be fabulous!

Thank you and best wishes,
Silvio Vassallo

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Customer Databases

Aweber is an email marketing service. People sign up and then you can send “newsletter-type” of emails.

Upon sign-up, Subscribers can themselves choose to be split into categories from pre-set topics in which they’re interested for e.g. they want to receive updates (emails) about silver but not gold. Subscribers can also be manually split into for e.g. wholesalers, VIP Customers, Loyalty Club, etc…

The website allows you to create discount coupons so you can email these to specific categories of subscribers.

Options & Costs:

    1. If you choose to set up  the account directly with Aweber yourself, the cost is a base fee of €15,50 / month ($19) up to 500 subscribers. From 501 subs upwards some additional fees apply (please see below).

      • Pros: It will be your personal account with Aweber so you have access to it
      • Cons: Difficult and confusing to use and design your marketing campaigns


  1. If you want me to take care of this, I can add an account dedicated to you on my client’s lists. The costs are the same as setting up a personal account with Aweber + €5 (i.e. €20 / month + additional costs as per Aweber’s price-list below). All you would need to do is send me an email with text / pictures / products details, and I’ll take care of everything for you. My response time is usually within 12hrs.

    • Pros: I will: –
      • design the newsletter for you, send you a test for your to approve; once you approve it, we send it to subscribers which takes only a few minutes
      • create and maintain email campaigns. For e.g. we would set up a few broadcasts which would be sent automatically to new subscribers over a period of time
      • translate statistics for you – who is and who is not opening your emails, what products (in the email) are being clicked on / shown most interest in, etc
      • consult on online marketing options
    • Cons: You will not have access to the account due to privacy issues since I have other clients on it; but you legally own the email list of addresses of your subscribers

Below are the additional monthly cost depending on the amount of subscribers:

Subscribers Pricing
0 – 500 Included
501 – 2,500 $10
2,501 – 5,000 $30
5,001 – 10,000 $50
10,001 – 25,000 $130

You can verify the price-list here then click “Pricing for over 500 subscribers” underneath the blue banner on the right.